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WHILE many bosses may hand out gifts for staff to thank them for their hard work, one iconic Texas lawyer prefers to throw parties that could rival major celebrities.

Thomas J. Henry hired superstar DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Jack Harlow as he hosted an unforgettable $5million party in Austin.


Thomas J. Henry with girlfriend Evelin Crossland and guests at Superstition nightclubCredit: Getty


Steve Aoki had the crowd going crazy as he played a stellar 45-minute set on the nightCredit: Getty


Jack Harlow catches up with Thomas J. Henry and his girlfriend Evelin Crossland backstage before the showCredit: Getty

Around 600 people packed into Superstition nightclub on Friday as he celebrated his 62nd birthday and his team securing $1 billion in lawsuits over the past four years.

Staff, clients, and friends of the firm walked the red carpet before being greeted with a fantasy-like scene with gigantic floral arrangements and aerial performers.

Porsches, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis that belonged to Thomas were parked outside the venue, while the lawyer also made a big entrance in a flash Bentley.

He was dressed in a dapper black suit and accompanied by his girlfriend Evelin Crossland in a glittering dress, as photographers gushed over their dog, Tito, who joined them on the carpet.

Jack Harlow

The two-level nightclub had several VIP sections and Thomas was seen pouring champagne for guests and sipping on a Modelo.


Steve Aoki had the crowd going wild within seconds of his 45-minute set and picked up a huge check for his DJ appearance.

He stomped across the stage as smoke machines went off and guests appeared to be having the time of their lives.

Aoki mixed hits from Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On and Britney’s Baby One More Time to Beyonce’s Texas Hold ‘Em and Morgan Wallen’s Last Night.

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Guests sang along to Wake Me Up by Avicii and dozens of glasses of champagne were passed around, while partygoers also enjoyed a free bar that racked up more than $20,000 before midnight.

Thomas was welcomed to the stage by the Vice President of the firm, Ruben Herrera, and thanked his team before introducing the headline act of the night; 26-year-old rapper Jack Harlow.


Birthday signs were paraded around the club during the celebrations as guests enjoyed a free barCredit: Getty


Thomas and Evelin even brought their dog Tito to join in the festivitiesCredit: Getty


There was no expense spared as guests were served glasses of free champagneCredit: Rex


VP of the firm Ruben Herrera introduced the man of the hour on stage at the partyCredit: Getty


Paco Lopez, Evelin Crossland, and Thomas J. Henry at his big birthday bash on FridayCredit: Getty


Cirque du Soleil-style performers were outside as guests walked the red carpetCredit: Getty

Women were going wild for the rising star as he performed his hits including Glamorous and Lovin’ On Me.

He was rumored to be paid six figures for his 30-minute set.

Jack told the lawyer his middle name is Thomas as he wished him happy birthday on stage after catching up with him backstage in the green room.

Guests were also treated to a lavish spread from Austin’s top-rated J – Prime Steakhouse.

Blinis with crème fraîche were among the appetizers, while partygoers were also treated to a seafood station with oyster shooters and shrimp cocktails.

Pork belly sliders, mini ribeye tacos, and a dessert table offering mini creme brulees were also set up on the second level of the venue.

The U.S. Sun went behind the velvet rope to chat with Thomas who was surrounded by revellers.

Asked about his lavish parties, he said, “They’ve been gigantic over decades, big figures, but the reason I do it is that half the people in here work with me at my law firm, we’re like a big professional family.

“When you run a big law firm it’s hard to meet everyone but I deal with them every day.

“We all get to go out, have a great time and rip it. I’m turning 62. We work hard, we do a lot, so let’s have a lot of fun. I feel 32.”


He’s pulled in $1billion for clients in the past four years and is believed to be America’s most successful personal injury lawyer.

Thomas is expanding his team in 2023 and has a proven track record of growing his workforce by 20 per cent each year. 

His big wins included $67million for a company vehicle accident resulting in spinal cord and back injuries, along with $60million for a drunk driving accident.

“I’ve been doing this for 35 years so a billion is kind of a small drop in the bucket for me,” he admitted.

“My goal is to lead people and then on the biggest cases go to trial and try those lawsuits. I’m multiple things. Besides a trial lawyer, I’m a mentor, I’m a teacher, I’m a leader.

“And most importantly, I get to be part of all of their lives, they have families; wives and husbands and children. That’s the best part.

“We all work hard and when we keep our heads down we can forget. Every once in a while we gotta do it [get together] because life will run you by.

“I like to work with people who work hard but we should all enjoy our lives.

“I’m very grateful for all the amazing people I work with.

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“These things that we do, dealing with the most tragic things in life, yes there may be one guy standing in front of a jury, but it takes a huge team who get you there.”

As the night drew to a close, confetti fell from the sky and guests were sprayed with champagne before heading out around 2 am.


Thomas J. Henry, Paco Lopez, and David Iglesias catch up at the birthday soireeCredit: Getty


Thomas is known for hosting extravagant parties and even treated his staff to a VIP Super Bowl trip earlier this yearCredit: Getty


Ruben Herrera (R) and guests at the VIP soiree which was attended by 600 peopleCredit: Getty


Confetti canons went off as the party was in full swing on Friday eveningCredit: BFA


A collection of Thomas’ sports cars were seen parked outside of the nightclubCredit: BFA

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