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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – This segment on The Three was paid for and sponsored by The Carlson Law Firm.

After an injury, The Carlson Law Firm encourages individuals to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

“I work on what’s called a contingency fee,” Partner, Kathryn Knotts, explained. “That means I take the risk with the case. I evaluate during the consultation if it’s a case I can help you with, and if so, then I tell you that I’m going to help you and I’m going to wait to get paid until the end of the case. I get paid a percentage of the settlement or recovery if it goes to a trial. The benefit to a personal injury claimant is that you’re not having to pay money up front like you would in a family law case or a criminal law case.”

During the initial consultation, Knotts will ask you to tell your story.

“We’re just having a conversation, that’s exactly what it is. I’m going to allow you to speak freely and tell me everything about what happened, about your injuries,” she said.

To make the consultation as smooth as possible, bring all of the paperwork you have gathered.

“If you already have the police report, bring it in. Bring a copy of your photo ID, your health insurance card, and if you’ve been to a hospital, bring any paperwork you’ve already received,” Knotts said.

If you are receiving hospital bills while your case is pending, Knotts has advice for you.

“We send a letter to the hospital asking them to defer bills. If you contact them also and tell them that you have an attorney, they will most likely agree to do so. Some providers will enter you into a payment plan with them to pay small amounts to keep it from going into collections,” Knotts said.

The Carlson Law Firm can help you with a number of personal injury cases. You can find the full rundown here.

You can also call (979)-260-5688.

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