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Work Injury

Have you or someone you know been injured while working at Sanderson Farms in Texas? Understanding your rights and the potential for a Sanderson Farms payout is crucial. At The Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C., we handle many types of personal injury claims, including serious workplace injuries in Texas. 

Sanderson Farms has faced numerous lawsuits related to workplace injuries in recent years, along with allegations of wrongful termination when an employee tries to pursue compensation for these injuries. The company has also received multiple OSHA violations involving worker safety issues. 

Who Is Sanderson Farms?

Sanderson Farms is a significant player in the nation’s poultry industry, recognized as the third-largest poultry producer in the United States. The company headquarters are in Mississippi, operating multiple facilities, including in Texas.

Their production facilities provide a significant number of jobs in the local communities. However, complaints of inhumane working conditions and multiple OSHA fines suggest that Sanderson Farms doesn’t have its’ employees’ safety in mind. 

Sanderson Farms’ Safety Record

Sanderson Farms’s safety record is not spotless, especially when it comes to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations. The company has received significant fines—exceeding $40,000—on four separate occasions. These penalties reflect severe concerns about the company’s adherence to workplace safety standards, particularly in handling hazardous chemicals and machine safety.

Among the violations, Sanderson Farms in Waco received multiple citations related to the mishandling of hazardous chemicals. Additionally, the company received citations in other states for failure to comply with machine safety and maintenance standards.

Two citations involved issues with machine guarding. Machine guards protect workers from dangers presented by operating machinery. The lack of adequate machine guards can lead to severe accidents and injuries. 

Legal Actions Against Sanderson Farms for Work-Related Injuries

Over the years, Sanderson Farms has been the subject of various legal actions related to workplace injuries. Some of these lawsuits don’t necessarily relate to the work injuries themselves but to allegations of wrongful termination once an employee presented a claim for a work-related injury. 

One significant case involved an employee who sustained injuries from a broken ladder. The employee alleged that they were unfairly terminated following the injury so Sanderson Farms could avoid compensating for the injury. 

In another notable Sanderson Farms lawsuit, a former employee sought $1 million in damages, claiming wrongful termination after a severe work injury. This case raised questions about whether Sanderson Farms adhered to federal and state laws regarding employee treatment post-injury. Similarly, Kantrail Cori Jones filed a million-dollar lawsuit after two of her fingers were crushed in a machine conveyor belt that was malfunctioning. 

If you’ve suffered on-the-job injuries at Sanderson Farms, it’s important to recognize that these cases show a pattern of workplace safety issues and potential wrongful termination. The threat of termination should not dissuade you from pursuing the compensation you’re entitled to for a workplace injury.

However, we recommend hiring an experienced Texas workplace injury lawyer to help guide you through the claims process. At The Zimmerman Law Firm, we can explain your rights and help you understand your legal options. 

Allegations Involving Working Conditions at Sanderson Farms’ Texas Plant

Former employees and activists have raised concerns about inhumane working conditions at Sanderson Farms, especially in the Bryan, Texas, plant. Protests in 2018 highlighted issues such as the denial of bathroom breaks. Workers reported having to ask permission to use the bathroom or urinate while on the production line.

There were also allegations of sexual harassment, including exchanging sexual favors for easier positions on the line. Additionally, the unpredictable speed increases of the production line were claimed to have overexerted workers and put them at risk for more injuries. 

Sanderson Farms denied these allegations, emphasizing its zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment. The company also stated that they regularly investigate such claims. 

According to an article in The Battalion from Texas A&M University, Sanderson Farms uses a specific medical center group for employee injuries, which misclassifies worker injuries as non-work related. This status forces workers to use unpaid family medical leave. Forcing employees to use unpaid leave is a misuse of the FMLA when the company should pay out some of these claims. 

Following the protests and more negative press in 2018 regarding inhumane working conditions, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro sent a letter to OSHA urging them to investigate the allegations of workplace safety at Sanderson Farms. 

Steps to Take After a Sanderson Farms Accident 

If you’re injured while working at Sanderson Farms, it’s important to understand your rights. The company is a “non-subscriber” to Texas’s workers’ compensation system.

Texas law doesn’t require companies to offer workers’ compensation benefits, which can make getting compensation for your injuries more complicated. However, it also means you have the right to pursue a fault-based claim against Sanderson Farms—something you can’t necessarily do with workers’ compensation. 

Your first step after a workplace injury should be to seek medical attention, especially if your injuries are severe. Then, document everything related to your injury and report it to your supervisor.

Even if your supervisor already knows what happened, it’s still important to put the company on notice. Since Sanderson Farms opts out of the state’s workers’ compensation system, you may have the right to receive a Sanderson Farms payout, including for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Given the complex nature of workplace injury claims, it’s essential to consult a lawyer with significant experience with workplace injuries in Texas. At The Zimmerman Law Firm, we understand the nuances of these cases.

We can guide you through the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected. Our skill in handling cases against non-subscriber employers is valuable when filing a Sanderson Farms lawsuit. 

Contact The Zimmerman Law Firm, P.C. 

Pursuing a claim against your employer can be daunting. However, you don’t have to navigate the legal process alone. Please speak with a lawyer from The Zimmerman Law Firm to learn how we can help. We have a deep understanding of workplace injury cases, especially against non-subscriber companies like Sanderson Farms. 

Our goal at Zimmerman Law Firm is to offer clear, reliable guidance for clients affected by a workplace injury. We believe in direct, personal, and regular communication with all our clients. When you seek our help, you work with a dedicated attorney rather than a paralegal. 

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about how we can assist you in holding Sanderson Farms accountable for your Texas workplace injury. 

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