Rashee Rice’s lawyer confirms Chiefs WR was driving Lamborghini involved in multi-vehicle crash in Dallas – AOL

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Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice was driving the Lamborghini involved in a hit-and-run last Saturday in Dallas, his attorney said at a news conference Thursday.

Royce West, Rice’s attorney, added that the wideout admitted to being behind the wheel at the time of the crash during an interview with the police. No official police report had been filed as of Wednesday. Officers are still investigating why Rice left the scene and the wideout is “fully cooperating,” West said.

Rice’s representation has yet to communicate with the Chiefs in any capacity because facts are still unclear, per West. The attorney said he wants prioritize the victims of the crash and ensure that Rice didn’t leave the scene because he was running or hiding from someone.

Rashee Rice is taking responsibility for a hit-and-run. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images) (Mike Carlson via Getty Images)

A couple injured in the collision reportedly hired their own legal representation as they consider their options. They were traveling to a friend’s 50th birthday party when two cars hit their white Lexus SUV.

Rice was apparently in one of those vehicles, sending the couple’s car spinning across the highway until it hit a wall. The couple is reportedly recovering at home after a trip to the hospital. The woman reportedly sustained a swollen, bruised right leg and a “significant laceration” above her left eye that required multiple stitches in her eyelid. They both reportedly have post-concussion symptoms.

The crash also reportedly left a 27-year-old and her 4-year-old son with an “un-drivable” Hyundai Accent. A separate victim in an Uber was reportedly T-boned as well.

West emphasized on Monday that Rice will take responsibility for making things right with the victims.

“Mr. Rice wants to make certain that it’s understood and appreciated that he’s going to do everything in his power to bring their life back to as normal as possible, in terms of injuries, in terms of property damage,” West said. “And make certain that he is responsible for helping them to get through that particular part of this. Don’t get us wrong, we understand that no one can help [the victims] get over the memories of being in an accident.”

Rice released a statement Monday, apologizing for his role in the pile-up without specifying what he was responsible for.

“Today I met with Dallas PD investigators regarding Saturday’s accident,” Rice said on Instagram. “I take full responsibility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with the necessary authorities. I sincerely apologize to everyone impacted in Saturday’s accident.”

Rice, 23, was a second-round draft pick by the Chiefs in 2023 out of Southern Methodist University. He recorded 79 receptions for 938 yards with seven touchdowns last season.

West answered multiple questions from reporters during the news conference. At one point, the attorney seemed to take issue with the line of questioning focusing on the accident instead of Rice’s character and career accomplishments.

“Why don’t you do a story of who he is, as opposed to what occurred? Because it seems as though what you’re saying is based on this one incident, you’re going to define him based on this incident, as opposed to his entire body of work,” West said. “I would say each and every one of you, if all of us had to be defined by one incident, that would be ridiculous, as opposed to our entire body. So I’d ask that you as the media, look at his entire body of work before saying exactly who he is. That will be better.”

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