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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver and former SMU standout Rashee Rice was behind the wheel of one of the two vehicles that triggered a chain-reaction wreck along Central Expressway over the weekend.

Rice and his attorney, State Senator Royce West, spoke publicly for the first time Thursday at a short news conference.

West started his news conference saying they recognize this is a very important incident in the city and one that has gained national attention. He said police told him there will be charges filed, but he did not say what those might be or when.

“I want to say on behalf of Mr. Rice that he has fully cooperated with the Dallas Police Department,” he said. “Every question that was asked of him, he responded to.”

With his law partner Craig Capua at his side, West admitted for the first time that Rice was driving one of the two vehicles that caused Saturday’s violent crash.

“During the interview, Mr. Rice acknowledged that he was driving the Lamborghini,” he said. “That was the question that was asked, and he responded to that.”

Six cars were involved in the accident with at least four victims. Some had to go to hospitals.

Dash camera video shows a Lamborghini SUV and Corvette losing control and colliding with other vehicles near the Lovers Lane exit.

Photos obtained by FOX 4 from TMZ Sports show a group of people from a Corvette belonging to Rice and the high-dollar rental SUV walking away from the crash scene without checking on the people in the other damaged vehicles.

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West was asked why they left the scene.

“It’s a good question. That’s still being investigated,” he said. “And I can’t go into the particulars now, but we will.”

The attorney did say he reached out to Dallas police on behalf of Rice Sunday evening and that there have been two meetings with police: one with West and a second with West and Rice.

West says they are continuing to work with Dallas police and now trying to connect with the victims of the crash to make them whole.

“No one can ever bring back to a person who has been in an accident help them get over the memories of being in that accident, but the fact is we’re going to do everything in our power to do so,” he said.

West asked that people hold their judgment and let the facts come out and said he clearly made a mistake.

“I can tell you this, but for the grace of God, someone could have been injured. I mean seriously injured,” he said. “He understands that, and he appreciates that.”

West says he expects Rice will speak publicly possibly in the next week. That might also depend on what happens with the charges.

In a statement posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Rice took “full responsibility” for his “part in this matter.” The 23-year-old receiver also apologized to everyone impacted by the incident.

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