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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice acknowledged he was driving the Lamborghini in a six-vehicle hit-and-run crash Saturday night and will do “everything in his power” to help the other people involved, his attorney Royce West told reporters Thursday.

West, who is also a state senator for District 23, said Rice has “fully cooperated” with the Dallas Police Department in their investigation into the crash.

Dallas Police said the Lamborghini and a Corvette were speeding on North Central Expressway Saturday night when the cars lost control. The Lamborghini hit the center median, causing a “chain reaction collision” involving four other cars, police said.

DPD spokesperson Kristin Lowman told KERA News the occupants of the Lamborghini and Corvette ran from the scene without checking on any of the other people involved in the crash.

Four people had minor injuries. Two were hospitalized and two other drivers were treated at the scene.

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State Senator Royce West, attorney for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice, speaks to reporters about Rice’s involvement in a Dallas hit-and-run involving a total of six vehicles. West is joined by his legal partner Craig Capua.

West said his firm is in the process of reaching out to attorneys for the other people involved in the crash to find out their conditions.

“Mr. Rice wants to make certain that it’s understood and appreciated that he’s going to do everything in his power to bring their life back to as normal as possible in terms of injuries, in terms of property damage,” West said. “He’ll make certain that he is responsible for helping them to get through that particular part of this.”

Rice, 23, was not present at Thursday’s press conference. In an Instagram story posted Wednesday, he wrote that he had met with Dallas police about the crash and apologized to everyone impacted.

“I take full responsibility for my part in this matter and will continue to cooperate with the necessary authorities,” he wrote.




Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice’s post on his Instagram story Wednesday, April 3, 2024. The Dallas Police Department is currently investigating Rice’s involvement in a six-vehicle hit-and-run, which police said started when Rice crashed a Lamborghini on North Central Expressway March 30.

West did not explain why Rice walked away from the crash — he said that’s a question still being investigated.

The senator said Rice himself would speak on the crash eventually but that the player is still in the middle of dealing with media “vitriol.” He later said he was speaking, in part, about reports labeling Rice as spoiled and entitled and told reporters not to judge Rice’s character based on what happened.

“Is he a thug? Has he been going around committing murders, rapes, robberies and things like this?” West said. “Or is he a young man that found himself in this situation and now needs to figure out exactly how he can balance, number one, taking care of the issues associated with the persons that were injured, and also making certain that his whole life is not just turned topsy-turvy and he has no future.”

West said he was also unaware a police report was filed on the crash because detectives told him Wednesday there wasn’t one filed yet.

Asked to confirm whether police found marijuana in the Lamborghini, West said he hadn’t confirmed that with police.

Kayla Quinn, who said she and her 4-year-old son were in the first car hit in the crash, set up a GoFundMe with a $20,000 goal — money she said she needs to help pay for a new car because hers was totaled.

“That day was horrific however; God managed to spare our lives and I’m so grateful,” her post on GoFundMe reads. “My son and I are alive to tell the story and again I’m grateful.”

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