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Police are reportedly searching for Chiefs WR Rashee Rice following a major six-vehicle accident in Dallas, Texas on Saturday.

RIce’s potential involvement in the accident is not clear at this moment, nor is it clear that Rice was driving. However, a vehicle registered to his name was involved and recent details paint a grim picture for the rising star.

According to police, drivers of both Rice’s Corvette and a Lamborghini fleed the scene following the crash. Four individuals have been treated for minor injuries, though thankfully there doesn’t appear to be any life-threatining injuries for the reported victims.

According to the Dallas News, “The law enforcement officials said police are looking for Rice, and a police call sheet obtained byThe Newsconfirmed that law enforcement officials were searching for him in connection with the accident.”

Dallas police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman told reporters that “The occupants of both the Lamborghini and the Corvette all ran from the crash without stopping to see if anyone needed medical help or providing any of their information.”

The police call sheet identitifed Rice as the suspected driver of the Corvette per the Dallas News. This is a bleak situation, especially following the tragic crash involving former Raiders WR Henry Ruggs that resulted in the death of Las Vegas resident Tina Tintor.

This is a developing situation and we’ll keep you updated on the latest reports as they become available.

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