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Rashee Rice was suspected to be driving one of the supercars involved in the multi-car hit-and-run case that occurred on the Dallas highway. However, it has now been confirmed for the first time that the American wide receiver was driving the Lamborghini, confirmed by his lawyer Royce West. 

Earlier, after being wanted by the authorities in the hit-and-run case, the Kansas City Chiefs star spoke on Thursday about his part and responsibility in the incident, apologising to the ones ‘impacted in Saturday’s accident’. It took a couple of days for the player to publicly announce a statement regarding the occurrence, informing that he was being cooperative with the authorities.

West had earlier released a statement on behalf of Rice saying that his thoughts are with ‘everyone impacted’ by the automobile accident. He also stated that Rashee was taking ‘all necessary steps to address this situation responsibly’. This is the first time a significant admission has been accepted.

Rashee Rice’s legal representative makes a major admission; the wide receiver could face legal trouble 

Rashee Rice‘s lawyer Royce West stated that the NFL star was cooperating with the authorities and answered all the questions asked by DPD. At the time of the incident, Rice was driving the Lamborghini, as per West. This admission is a major one in the development of the case and the 2024 Super Bowl winner might be facing potential NFL suspension and legal trouble as the investigation goes on. 

When asked why Rashee left the scene after the accident, his lawyer replied by saying, “A good question that’s still being investigated”. In a news conference, West stated that Rashee is expected to be charged for the occurrence. 


On March 30, Rice got involved in a multi-vehicle hit-and-run crash on the Dallas highway involving two speeding cars; a Lamborghini and a black Corvette, which caused a chain reaction collision, damaging four other cars and minorly injuring four others. A day later, footage of the accident surfaced online. According to the Dallas police, the occupants of both the luxury cars had left the scene without knowing if anyone needed any medical attention. 

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