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After being one of the drivers involved in starting a multi-vehicle crash in Dallas, Texas on March 30, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice is now facing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit from two victims involved in the accident. Rice was already facing eight felony charges related to the crash.

Rice, who reportedly reached speeds of 119 MPH just before the crash, turned himself in to police on April 11 after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Rice was released after posting $40,000 bond.

The lawsuit names Edvard Petrovskiy and Irina Gromova as plaintiffs and lists Rice and SMU cornerback Theodore Knox as defendants. Knox was allegedly driving Rice’s Corvette, the other vehicle that reportedly reached high speeds before causing the wreck. Rice admitted to driving the involved Lamborghini. The second page of the suit notes that the plaintiffs seek “a monetary relief of over $1,000,000” before page 13 writes that “[a]s a consequence, Plaintiffs herein sue Defendants for punitive damages in the amount not less than ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00).”

“Plaintiffs were caused to suffer severe injuries to their bodies, which include but are not limited to trauma to the brain, lacerations to the face requiring stitches, multiple contusions about the body, disfigurement, internal bleeding, and other internal and external injuries that may only be fully revealed over the course of medical treatment,” the lawsuit reads.

KMBC in Kansas City notes that Gromova and Petrovskiy “were both driving two of the six cars involved in the crash. The lawsuit states that they had their seatbelts on at the time of the crash.”

The lawsuit details Rice’s standing as a Chiefs wide receiver and Super Bowl champion among the “FACTS” section of the filing:

“Rashee Rice, Defendant in this cause [sic], is a famous American football player,” the lawsuit reads. “Rice plays with the Kansas City Chiefs as a wide receiver in the National Football League. Rice was selected by the Chiefs in the second round of the 2023 NFL draft and won Super Bowl LVIII over the San Francisco 49ers. Rice also holds the NFL record for most playoff receptions by a rookie, catching 26 passes during the Super Bowl run. Rice has amassed both fame and wealth. With that good fortune also comes responsibility. However, Rice did not abide by the principles of prudence and responsibility on March 30, 2024. Despite his physical abilities and responsibilities as a public figure, Rice raced a high-powered vehicle through the public roads of Dallas County, Texas, lost control, and injured several innocent people including the Plaintiffs in this cause.”

The Kansas City Star notes that Rice was already facing a suit from another driver who “suffered bodily injuries that may be permanent; he is seeking ‘monetary relief over $1,000,000.00,’ according to the suit,” per The Star.

Editor’s note: Some outlets originally reported the new lawsuit to be seeking $1 million instead of $10 million. The Petrovskiy and Gromova petition is for “punitive damages in the amount not less than ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00).” Original confusion may have been related to the suit’s mention of the plaintiffs seeking “monetary relief of over $1,000,000.”

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