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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice has taken full responsibility for the car crash that injured multiple people in Dallas on March 30. Now, a week after the crash, the Chiefs’ breakout rookie from last season is reportedly on the verge of receiving multiple charges.

After fleeing the scene of the crash on the afternoon of March 30 in Dallas, Rice later hired representation and was in contact with authorities within 48 hours. He released a statement days later and in a press conference this past week, his lawyer acknowledged that Rice was driving the Lamborghini involved in the crash.

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The Lamborghini, which Rice rented, and a Corvette owned by the Chiefs’ receiver, were street-rating when both drivers lost control of their vehicles and slammed into the first victim’s car. It led to a six-car crash, that sent multiple people to the hospital with injuries. As bystanders called 9-1-1 for medical services and police, RIce and his group left the scene on foot.

One week after the accident, Rice’s attorney told Maggie Prosser and Zaeem Shaikh of the Dallas Morning News that he expects the Dallas Police Department to file charges soon.

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  • Rashee Rice contract: $1.476 million cap hit in 2025, $1.771 million cap hit in 2025, $2.066 million cap hit in 2026

As explained by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Rice could be facing multiple charges under a variety of Texas laws that at least create the possibility of service time incarcerated.

Texas law states that individuals in a car accident are required to immediately stop and exchange information with other parties involved. Furthermore, anyone involved in an accident is obligated to render aid and notify the appropriate authorities immediately about what happened. Rice, on the other hand, left the scene and it’s unclear if he or his group ever contacted emergency officials.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also signed laws in 2023 to crack down on illegal street racing, increasing the penalties for perpetrators who are convicted of street racing within the state. The maximum charge would be a third-degree felony, carrying a potential sentence of two to 10 years incarcerated.

“Illegal street racing has become a growing problem, and Texas law enforcement needs new tools to curb illegal street racers whose activities threaten the very safety of everyone around them,”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on signing House Bill 1442 and House Bill 2899 to enhance penalties for ilelgal street racing, in 2023 (H/T gov.Texas.gov)

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While it was reported that 10.8 grams of marijuana were found in the Lamborghini that Rice was driving. The Dallas Morning News notes that Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot announced in 2019 that his office wouldn’t take first-time, low-level marijuana cases. However, each case is reviewed individually.

The NFL will not rule on any potential suspension for Rice until the legal process plays out, but the Chiefs’ wideout is subject to discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy. The combination of street racing, causing a car accident and leaving the scene of an accident could result in a multi-game suspension for Rice.

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