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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice faces legal claims seeking more than $10 million for a Dallas car crash that resulted in six cars being wrecked on March 30. Two of the alleged victims want to hold the recent Super Bowl champ accountable for the accident as it seems he was engaging in a street race, according to authorities.

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Fox Dallas-Fort Worth reported on April 15 that Rice’s Lamborghini SUV and his friend’s Corvette were driving nearly 120 mph on the I-75 before the crash, and the married couple affected in the wreck were just casualties inside their 2022 white Lexus 350.

Video evidence shows that both cars driven by the two football players thought to have precipitated the mayhem smashed into the back of the Lexus.

Why $10 Million

Edvard Petrovskiy and Irina Gromova have filed a $10 million suit against Rice, who authorities says accompanied by his friend the SMU football player Theodore Knox as engaged in reckless racing in luxury cars, ultimately leading to the collision, USA Today reported.

Petrovskiy and Gromova claim to have sustained severe injuries in the crash including brain trauma, internal bleeding, and deep lacerations as a result of the incident.

One million dollars is being sought for damages and medical expenses, including the couple’s reported injuries from the crash, as per Fox Dallas. However, the $10 million is strictly for punitive damages.

Rice’s attorney, Royce West, stated in the days following the accident that Rice would exert every effort to ensure full restitution for all those affected, according to TMZ.

Despite Rice’s acknowledgment of his involvement and offer to compensate the victims, his efforts to minimize the situation were to no avail.

Rice and Knox have been charged with six counts related to the crash, including collisions involving serious bodily injury and aggravated assault.

Last week, both individuals turned themselves in to authorities following warrants issued for their arrest. They were subsequently released on bond by the Dallas Police Department. Specific details regarding the exact date were not provided by TMZ.

The demanding cost of $10 million will prove to be a challenge for both Rice and Knox. While Rice, as an NFL star, may not have $10 million readily available, it’s worth noting that he may not have earned that much in his young career thus far.

Rice’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be approximately $5 million, based on the rookie contract he signed with the Chiefs after being drafted in the second round in 2023, according to Sportskeeda.

According to contract details from Over the Cap, Rice’s four-year contract with the Chiefs spans from 2023 to 2026 with his steady rise in earnings and responsibilities. Beginning with a base salary of $750,000 in 2023, Rice is slated to see incremental increases, reaching $1,635,711 in 2026. Overall, Rice’s contract totaled $6,495,218, reflecting the intricacies of balancing financial stability with performance incentives in professional football.

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