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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice has turned himself in to police after an arrest warrant was issued for him for his role in a multi-car crash last month.

According to online records, Rice turned himself in on Thursday to the Glenn Heights Police Department. He was then taken to the DeSoto jail and released after posting a $40,000 bond.

Dallas police say they are in communication with Rice’s legal counsel.

Chiefs WR Rashee Rice was driving 119 mph before Dallas crash, affidavit says

Police issued an arrest warrant for 23-year-old Rice and 21-year-old Teddy Knox on Wednesday for a hit-and-run crash on North Central Expressway last month. Police say they are in touch with Knox’s legal team, but it’s unclear when he might turn himself in.

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SMU said Knox has been suspended from the football team, but no other details were released about any other possible discipline he may face from the university.

Rice and Knox were reportedly driving the two supercars that caused the chain-reaction wreck.

Rice is facing eight charges after he was behind the wheel of a chain-reaction crash that injured multiple people on Central Expressway. Some believe the charges carry a message.

“The fact that they filed eight felony warrants is unusual. That to me, as a lawyer with three decades doing this, that sends a message. I would interpret that as DPD is going to take a hardline stance on this,” said George Milner, who is an attorney not involved in the case.

Milner says he does not expect Rice will end up in prison, but there’s a lot of unknowns, including whether Dallas police want to send a message and what the district attorney wants.

Police say Rice was speeding in a Lamborghini SUV, alongside a speeding Corvette, and both drivers lost control.

“You’ve got the chief of police who’s said on numerous occasions this street racing crap is going to stop and I’m going to put an end to it,” Milner said. “Well, he’s got a big microphone right now to send a big message if he wants to do that.”

Rice’s attorney, state senator Royce West, released a statement late Thursday.

“Mr. Rashee Rice turned himself in today and  was released on bond. I want to re-emphasize Mr. Rice’s continued cooperation with law enforcement. Mr. Rice acknowledges his actions and feels deeply for those injured as a result of this accident. Our legal team is now tasked with reviewing all legal documents,” said West.

“This case was conducted as all cases are conducted, thorough and fair, as that is what all victims deserve, and what our city demands. An investigation has no timeline. We will not be pressured, we will do what is right. Our men and women work to determine who is involved, how they were involved, conduct interviews, and gather evidence to build a solid case to hold people accountable for dangerous conduct in our city. I am proud of the work they do each day and I am proud to be their Chief,” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said in a statement released Thursday.

Dallas police said everyone in the Lamborghini and Corvette walked away from the damaged vehicles without offering help to anyone else. Photos obtained by TMZ Sports show them leaving.

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FOX 4 is learning more about the second driver reportedly involved in the crash.

Police say Knox was driving the Corvette, and he now faces the same charges as Rice. SMU says it learned Knox was wanted and suspended him from the football team. The cornerback primarily contributed on special teams last year.

Milner says it’s a suspect’s best interest to turn themselves in soon before police go looking.

“If they have to go looking for him, that’s going to affect bail amount, bond conditions,” he explained.

Although police say this was a hit-and-run crash, neither Rice nor Knox are charged with failure to stop and render aid. Milner says it’s possible that charge could get added later.

There will likely be extensive negotiations on any plea deal.

On Friday morning, Bennie Jeffery stood outside the DeSoto jail with a sign calling for Rice to be prosecuted.

Jeffery said works in the medical field and sees victims of car accidents in the operating room all the time.

“I hope this case sends a message to any athlete coming through the City of Dallas that you will be held accountable,” he said.

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