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LegalShield offers both personal and small business plans. The personal plan offers coverage for unlimited matters, although you may only be able to receive help once per issue, based on the attorney’s discretion. Attorneys may provide one hour of legal research per matter and one letter or phone call regarding the matter. This service covers many of the basic personal legal needs, such as estate planning, traffic tickets, tax audits and document review. If the matter can’t be covered in a single call, or if more in-depth services are required, they’re offered at a 25% discount of the attorney’s hourly fee.

LegalShield also offers supplements to their personal plan, which provide additional services and protection for customers in certain situations. They offer a home business supplement, a rideshare driving supplement, and a supplement for gun owners, among others. These supplements are an additional $14.95.

The business plans offer different services at different price points. All of them offer consultations about new legal matters. Some offer collection letters, IRS audit assistance, and document review as well.

LegalShield does not offer a satisfaction guarantee with its prepaid plans, although they do guarantee that the services provided by the plan will be rendered.

Why they’re the best: LegalShield offers customizable legal services at an attractive price point. Although the number of packages and supplements may initially be confusing, they allow LegalShield to provide its customers with exactly the service that they need, without paying for what they don’t need.

The services provided are in line with other full-service prepaid legal offerings, and many of the services that an average individual might need are covered. In addition, LegalShield offers 24-hour emergency service for members who are detained by authorities, in an accident, or in a situation where your rights or personal freedoms are threatened. This is unique amongst the services evaluated, and offers a huge amount of value for people who are shopping for a prepaid legal plan that will provide them with peace of mind.

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