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You want to make a wise choice when finding a car accident attorney. Generally, you want someone qualified and compassionate who is willing to take your case to trial if necessary. But you also want someone who gets along well with you too. Here are tips for finding a good match when you search for a lawyer.

Request Referrals

You may have a friend or relative who recently hired a lawyer for a car accident. Ask them whom they used, and check them out. You can likely get a good referral this way, especially if you and your friend or relative have similar values. At the very least, you’ll learn whom to avoid.

If you don’t know anyone who hired a car accident attorney, a few referral services are available. The Maricopa County Bar Association offers a referral service by calling them or filling out an online form. You can also search the Arizona Bar Association directory for a car accident lawyer.

Of course, this list also gives you a head start on finding a lawyer. You can see their Google reviews and client feedback on their services.

Check for Specific Experience

You want an attorney who handles car accident claims and will take your case to trial. While most of these cases settle without court intervention, litigation is still possible. So, look for trial attorneys who handle accidents and personal injury claims.

Many of the attorneys listed here have their recent verdicts posted on websites. While you may not have a multi-million dollar case, you can still assess trial experience from these verdicts.

Choose Contingency Fee Arrangements

Hiring an attorney and paying them by the hour can become expensive. Most car accident claims are contingency cases, meaning an attorney receives a percentage of your final settlement or verdict. The fee can range from 33 to 40 percent, depending on at what stage your case settles.

You should be able to review the contingency fee agreement and ask questions. Be cautious if an attorney doesn’t offer a written agreement or give you time to read it.

Follow Your Instincts

Finally, you want to hire an attorney you can work with well. You are entrusting private medical and personal information to an attorney so they can build an effective claim. Some of this can include embarrassing medical information or incriminating facts. You must be comfortable sharing that information with your attorney. If you aren’t, move on to the next one.

You should also feel comfortable at the attorney’s office. Listen to how staff speaks about and to clients. Take notes of whether they acknowledge or ignore you. If the atmosphere seems rushed or hostile, leaving and finding another attorney is OK.

Generally, if anything feels “off,” move on. There are plenty of car accident attorneys in Phoenix, and, likely, one of them will work well with you.

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