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Even with a list of the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas at your disposal, finding the best attorney to handle your case requires you to evaluate several potential attorneys before deciding which one to hire. Ultimately, the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas is the one who has the right combination of experience, personality and affordable rates.

Take advantage of the free consultation many motorcycle accident lawyers offer to find out:

How Long Have They Represented Injured Motorcyclists?

Motorcycle accidents are often complicated, and it takes a lawyer with experience handling these cases to appreciate their complexities. The more experience an attorney has in representing injured bikers, the more confidently they can move your case toward a resolution, surmounting legal and other obstacles and ensuring you are pursuing all the damages you are entitled to by law.

What Can I Expect From This Attorney?

Attorneys and clients can avoid a lot of friction by communicating what the attorney intends to do and how often the client can expect to hear from them. Make sure you know whether the attorney with whom you are speaking intends to take your motorcycle accident case to trial if needed or if they are only going to file an insurance claim for you.

You also want to know how you can ask questions of your attorney throughout your case and what sort of communication you can expect to receive in return.

What Are Their Fees?

All attorneys charge fees for their services, but not all do so in the same way. Motorcycle accident lawyers usually work for a contingency fee rather than charging you an hourly rate.

A contingency fee means that a percentage of any settlement or verdict the attorney obtains for you will go to that attorney to pay for their time and effort. If the attorney does not obtain compensation for you, then you do not owe attorney’s fees. Usually, the contingency fee arrangement gives the attorney about 30% or so of any recovery they obtain for you.

Do You Trust This Attorney With Your Case?

You cannot ask a lawyer whether you should trust them, but you can listen to your gut throughout the consultation. You cannot keep track of what your attorney is doing from day to day, so you need to feel confident that this attorney is working diligently on your behalf and moving your case forward as swiftly as possible. If you do not feel comfortable with a particular attorney, do not hire them. Instead, consult with another.

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