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There’s no shortage of car accident lawyers in Fort Worth. However, the right attorney for someone else is not necessarily the right one for you. It’s important that you find someone you’re comfortable working with. Here are some ideas on what to look for.

Referrals from Others

If you know anyone who has been in an accident recently, ask them who they used as an attorney. Ask what they did (and did not) like about their lawyer. Does the attorney sound like someone you can see yourself working with? Referrals work both ways—you might find the right lawyer for your situation, or you might find someone that you definitely do not want to work with.

Ask About Car Accident Experience

Attorneys often practice in many different fields, like family law or estate law. While these lawyers may be effective in helping you with a car accident injury, they probably do not have as much experience as someone who focuses on car accidents. Even among auto accident lawyers, there are strengths and weaknesses. If you’re hiring for a car accident, look for a lawyer who has worked on car accident cases before.

Figure Out How Much You’ll Pay

Car accident attorneys typically don’t charge an upfront fee or by the hour. They’re more likely to charge a percentage of any settlement or verdict that you win. If you don’t win, they don’t get paid. This percentage is generally somewhere between 25% and 45%. As you can imagine, the difference between paying a fee on the lower end and one on the high end can be substantial.

Some lawyers charge less for a case that settles before going to court. It’s important to understand how a potential attorney will charge you. Don’t be afraid to ask if the fees seem high. The right attorney will be happy to explain exactly how their fee is calculated.

Can They Litigate?

The vast majority of car accident cases don’t actually wind up in court; they end in a settlement beforehand. A settlement still requires a lot of negotiation, and you will definitely want an attorney on your side whether you settle or go before a jury. However, you should always prepare to take your case to court.

Ask potential attorneys whether they are comfortable taking cases to court and watch how they answer. Willingness to take a case to court could translate into much larger wins. You probably won’t need an attorney who is a skilled litigator, but you’ll want to be ready just in case.

Get Your Questions Answered

Don’t work with an attorney who makes you feel bad about asking questions. This may be your first experience with the legal system, and it’s natural that you won’t understand everything. If a lawyer isn’t interested in answering your questions, he or she is probably a bad fit for you.

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