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Finding the best attorney for your case may seem overwhelming, especially if you sustained a severe injury. But there are ways to manage it and find an attorney to help you. This list gives you a good start, but here is how to evaluate potential candidates.

Seek Experience

You want to hire a lawyer who handled cases like yours previously. For example, an accident between a car and a semi involves different laws and issues than an accident between two passenger vehicles. There are often federal regulations to consider and different insurance schemes. Attorneys who handle these cases routinely are more likely to negotiate and litigate yours effectively.

You also want your attorney to have trial experience. Most car accident claims settle, so the chance of your case going to court is low. But you still want your attorney to be prepared for that possibility.

Ask Around

If you know any family members, friends or coworkers who hired a car crash lawyer recently, ask them about their attorney. They may have a good recommendation, or at the very least, you’ll know who not to hire. Sometimes a personal referral is a good match because you likely share values with people close to you.

Clarify Fees

Car accident lawyers in Chicago usually handle these claims on contingency. That means their fees are a percentage of your recovery.

The percentage often depends on at what stage your case resolves. For example, an attorney who settles your case before arbitration or trial may collect 33.3% of those proceeds as their fee. This percentage increases as your case must proceed. Cases going to trial may charge 40% of your recovery.

Attorneys consider their fees when they make settlement demands and will give you a breakdown of fees and costs when they present offers to you. You can then make an informed decision on whether the settlement offer is adequate.

Follow Your Gut

A list, referral or online research can give you names, but they can’t assess whether that attorney matches you well. You need to get along with and trust your personal injury attorney. This individual will have access to your medical records and may learn uncomfortable things about you. So, if you don’t trust them, you won’t have a productive attorney-client relationship.

When you visit a law firm, you should feel like you’re in a welcoming and professional environment. You should feel heard and free to ask questions during your consultation. The attorney’s office or law firm also gives an impression. If you are uncomfortable with the environment or how the attorney and staff treat you, move on to another lawyer.

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