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It’s not difficult to find a car accident lawyer in Austin, but it takes some work to find the right one for you. You want to make sure that your attorney is someone you can trust and that you’re confident about. Here are a few ways to do so:

Ask for Referrals

Chances are good that you know someone who’s been in a car accident in the past few years. Ask them which attorney they used and whether they’d recommend them. This can provide you with some ideas about which attorneys are good—and which you should steer clear of.

Look for Experience

You want your attorney to be someone with experience handling car accident cases. Many attorneys handle injury claims, but not all handle car accidents. Be sure your attorney has experience in this particular type of case. Ask potential attorneys what sort of clients they typically represent to get a sense of whether they’re the best choice for you.

Find Out About Fees

Car accident lawyers usually don’t offer a flat-rate service or billing by the hour. Instead, they work on a contingency basis, meaning if your case is successful, they will take a portion of the amount that you win.

Austin lawyers generally charge somewhere around 33% for cases that don’t go to court (such as those where a settlement offer is made) and around 40% (or up) if the case goes to trial.

Make sure you understand the fee structure a lawyer is proposing before you sign anything. You don’t want to get to the end of a long lawsuit only to discover that your attorney is charging much more than you expected.

Find Out If They Have Courtroom Experience

Most car accident cases never see the inside of a courtroom. Instead, they are settled without the need to go to court. But that doesn’t mean you want an attorney who isn’t comfortable litigating in court if need be. You want representation that can handle any possibility.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of any attorney that you’re considering. Pay close attention to the way they respond. Are they friendly? Dismissive? Do they make sure you understand before moving on? These are all clues that can help you determine whether a lawyer is right for you.


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