Attorney for crash victims speak about case involving Rashee Rice –

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The rental company’s attorney said Rice was in touch with them after the accident, admitted there had been a wreck, and acknowledged the need to pay for damages.

DALLAS — An attorney representing a luxury car rental company in Dallas told WFAA Kansas City Chief wide receiver Rashee Rice had leased the Lamborghini involved in a major crash on Central Expressway and was contractually the only person who could drive it.

Attorney Kyle Coker said Rice was in touch with the company soon after the accident, admitted there had been a wreck, and acknowledged the need to pay for damages.

But Coker said since that initial contact Rice has gone “radio silent.” 

He said Rice also did not tell the company who was behind the wheel.

The Lamborghini and a Corvette, also registered to Rice, were traveling at a high rate of speed northbound on Central Expressway around 6:20 p.m. on March 30. The Lamborghini struck the median, and then both speeding vehicles spun out of control and caused a six-car collision near the University exit, Dallas Police said. 

The people inside the Lamborghini and Corvette got out of their vehicles and left the scene on foot without stopping to ask if anyone needed help, witnesses said.

Tennessee Walker, managing litigation partner with Patterson Law Group, is representing a husband and wife who were in a white Lexus SUV that was in the crash.

They’re “angry,” Walker told WFAA.

The husband had to crawl out of the back window. His wife was pulled out of the driver’s seat by first responders.

“She had a very big laceration on her left eye. She’s got several stitches that were put in at the hospital and the eye socket is completely swollen and black and blue,” Walker said.

She also has a swollen right ankle. Doctors are waiting for the swelling to subside in her face and ankle before they rule out any broken bones.

Both the husband and wife are dealing with “post-concussive symptoms,” Walker said.

“It doesn’t really matter who it was, it’s simply that the people who caused this compounded an already bad situation with their reckless driving by leaving the scene,” he said. “Just from a human decency angle, [stopping] is the right thing to do. It’s also the law.”

DPD has not officially identified any suspects they are looking for in connection with the crash.

State Sen. Royce West, an attorney, is representing Rice.

Monday, West said Rice is “cooperating with local authorities and will take all necessary steps to address this situation responsibly.” 

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